Night Magic Rejuvenating Face Cream


Ultimate Time Released Mink Oil Night Cream Formula

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Get great skin while you sleep with our Night Magic Rejuvenating Face Cream. Night time is recovery time for your skin – a time for restful repair of the day’s damage from the sun, the environment, and your lifestyle. Assist with this recovery process by integrating our anti-aging night cream into your skin care regime. You’ll notice the difference!


About the Product:

  • Enriched with liposome, for enhanced night time recovery
  • Time released, herb-based ingredients partner with your skin’s natural renewal process
  • Anti-bacterial and chemical free
  • Natural emollient


Application Details:

  • Apply nightly to face and neck

For best results, apply mink oil around eyes, mouth, and neck area first then follow up with Night Magic before bed


Product Details:

  • Available sizes include:
    • 1 oz jar
  • Show our Earth some love – all of our bottles are recyclable

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2 in

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