Fall’s sweater weather brings a season of comfort and a season to be beautiful. But, the crisp days may cause your skin to act out. With the changing seasons, you can expect your skin to transition too, and you’ll need to adjust your skin care routine accordingly. Skin hydration is KEY to providing a youthful glow. The combination of our Arizona Stone and mink oil.. be beautiful is just what you need.

The major thing to look out for is dry skin. Hot showers, cold winds and blazing furnaces are the culprits behind dehydrated skin. In the fall, humidity levels tend to drop, and the winds become cool and crisp, which may lead one to experience dry, flaky, and sometimes irritated skin.

Dry skin can affect other aspects of the skin’s appearance too. Because the skin lessens its production of moisture-trapping oils which tends to give skin a dull, more lackluster appearance. Lines and wrinkles become slightly exaggerated when skin is drier. And skin takes on a course, slightly rougher texture. This is mostly because there’s a slowdown in the rate that our skin sheds surface dead cells in cooler weather.

The key is to apply plenty of occlusive ingredients that will help the skin retain its moisture. Think thicker face creams in place of lightweight moisturizers and not being afraid to layer on face oils. To learn more about how to keep skin happy and hydrated this season, read on to find out what changes the experts are making to their own skin care routines this fall.

Common skin concerns that come with the fall season and its infamous drops in humidity levels and brutally cold winds are dry skin, chafing, irritation and, more commonly, a compromised skin barrier. “A compromised skin barrier can occur when the skin experiences trans epidermal water loss, exposure to harsh climates or drastic changes in the weather, as well as irritating or over-exfoliating products.” This expert focuses on adding oils into her fall routine as well as supplementing her skin care with products that will help combat dehydrated skin from the inside out. Start with our Arizona stone and mink oil to exfoliate and hydrate. End by focusing on a moisture plan by swapping lightweight lotions and gel-like creams for beautiful and rich oils, serums and creams to help with skin hydration.

We also recommend adding electrolytes to your water in the fall months. The best way to combat tight and dehydrated skin during the fall and winter is to maintain internal hydration. Most of us don’t get as thirsty in cool weather, so it’s important to maintain hydration and boost your water with electrolytes. We like Redmond Re-Lyte electrolyte packets because they’re junk-free, containing the cleanest ingredients. Re-Lyte keeps your cells and muscles optimally hydrated so you feel your best.

Prioritize giving your skin a dose of healthy oils for the drier fall months. Adding in more oil-based products throughout your skin care routine will help you avoid stripping your skin and making it drier. Switch from gentle foaming cleansers to cleansing oils to preserve moisture better.


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