Mermac® Mink Oil Waterproofer 8 oz


Mink Oil Waterproofer for Leather and Vinyl

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Mermac® Mink Oil Waterproofer 8 oz

Mermac® Mink Oil Waterproofer is proudly made in the United States of America

Mermac® Mink Oil offers protection for both fine leather and many plastic and vinyl items. It conditions and waterproofs leather, and replaces the original plasticizer that evaporates from plastics and vinyls, leaving them brittle and cracked.

If you have fine, smooth leathers that need restoring to their “like new” condition, Mermac® Mink Oil Waterproofer offers protection for both fine leather and many plastic and vinyl items. It conditions and waterproofs leather and vinyl items that must stand up to the demands of active men and women, whether they be involved in sports, construction, logging, farming or law enforcement. Try Mermac Mink Oil for your work boots and other favorite items.

Looking for other great products to treat your boots with mink oil? Check out Mermac Leather Oil, and Mermac Heavy Duty which are also available in our store.

Benefits of Use on Leather

The best of leather will dry and crack over time or if the animal oils were removed in the tanning process. If the fibers of working leather are not lubricated, they rub and cut each other, causing rapid deterioration. Mermac® Mink Oil lubricates leather, giving protective conditioning and waterproofing. In the processing of mink oil tanned leather, the raw leather will absorb 23 lbs of mink oil to 100 lbs of raw leather. The animal oils will adhere to the leather fibers with lasting results. Petroleum-based products, on the other hand, will soon rise to the surface to wash, rub, or evaporate away. Mermac® Mink Oil is the life’s blood in preserving, conditioning, and waterproofing good leather and vinyl. Sportsmen use it on their gun cases, baseball gloves, shoes, boots, soccer balls, jackets, and endless other items. Its uses are endless!

Benefits of Use on Vinyl

Mermac® Mink Oil is proven protection for both fine smooth leathers and many plastic items. It conditions and weatherproofs leather. It also replaces the original plasticizer that evaporates from plastic, which causes it to become brittle, cracked, and unusable.

Will Mermac Mink Oil Protect My Leather Work Boots?

Mermac® Mink Oil provides a protective shield against salts, manure acids, molds, and mildews destructive to any leather. People working around concrete and farm lots find it devastating to their shoes. These same people find, when they treat their footwear with Mermac® Mink Oil, that their shoes and boots last far longer. Properties of Mermac just don’t allow these destructive ingredients to remain. They can be flushed away.


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