Sanitize & Moisturize

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Keep your hands sanitized and moisturized.

While we are all washing our hands many times a day, and using hand sanitizer regularly, let’s not forget to moisturize as well.  As your hands dry with multiple washings, it is important to moisturize regularly so that they don’t crack or bleed.  This all in one skin care package has our 8 ounce Therapy Lotion for Hands & Body, our 16 ounce Hand Sanitizer, and finally our 2 ounce refillable Hand Sanitizer for the road, all infused with all natural mink oil to nourish your skin.

Save now when you buy the kit for only $39.95, a retail value of $43.85.

Collection includes:
One (1) Therapy Lotion for Hand & Body, 8 oz.
One (1) Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, 16 oz.
One (1) Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, 2 oz.


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