Discover the wonder of mink oil~

Radiant skin is balanced skin. However, even everyday sun and wind can leave skin feeling irritated and dry year round. Mink oil contains powerful essential fatty acids (Omega 7) to restore moisture. It’s a natural oil with many skin care benefits.

Sooth and soften skin

This natural oil soothes and softens skin. Every Touch of Mink product contains pure mink oil, which has innate tissue rebuilding properties similar to human sebum. The Touch of Mink skin care collection soothes and softens dry and irritated skin. It also cleans and protects, dissolving dirt and excess oiliness.

Moisturizing face and body

Mink oil is the key moisturizing ingredient in Touch of Mink’s lotions, moisturizers, sun products, hair care, lip balm, cleansing bars, scrubs, body washes, mists, hand sanitizers and oils. The concentration of mink oil in each product is quite high, up to 95 percent pure mink oil in the Mink Oil Concentree.

Mink oil is now for pets, too

Groomers, vets and pet owners use this natural oil to sooth animal hot spots and irritation. It also promotes a healthy coat shine. MinkSheen is for dogs, cats, horses and all furry friends. (Learn more about Touch of Mink’s MinkSheen Pet Shampoo for pet owners.) MinkSheen is very popular with groomers as both a shampoo and coat conditioner.  It also works to protect coats from damage from the sun.

Touch of Mink’s MinkSheen pet shampoo is concentrated. Mix eight parts water to one part concentrated shampoo.

Traditional uses for natural oil

People prize mink oil as a natural oil with many uses. These include leather care, cosmetics, medical products and animal care. It is a safe and trusted product with many centuries of use and history. To read more about mink oil, please visit the Touch of Mink page: Benefits and Uses of Mink Oil .

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