About Touch of Mink

Touch of Mink develops and manufactures cosmetic, pet and leather care products made with natural mink oil. Today, there are multiple collections to explore, which is very exciting.

Mission Statement

We will earn our customers’ loyalty, providing them with outstanding customer service and the highest quality products, always striving to exceed expectations. Touch of Mink values each customer and building relationships through thoughtful service and attention to individual needs. It is a privilege to deliver innovative, quality products to customers’ satisfaction, year after year.

A skin care line based on an ethos of integrity

Touch of Mink pledges to produce the finest skin care products available in today’s market. Furthermore, the company encourages and expects every employee to promote integrity, honesty, respect and a professional relationship with all customers and co-workers.

Protecting skin with biocosmetic innovation

Quality skin care is more important than ever today, with the environmental dangers of ultraviolet radiation (UV damage) and exposure to pollution. Biocosmetics is a young field of science to create products based on biologic principles. In personal care products, biotechnology is a welcome return to nature. Mink oil’s natural chemical composition, rich in Omega 7, is the same ingredient found in healthy cells.


Touch of Mink’s first product in 1969 was pure mink oil. Today, pure mink oil, mink-oil based lotions, creams, moisturizers, cleansers and hair care are among coveted luxury sundries in the U.S., and abroad. In fact, the Travel Collection, Spa Collection, and Men’s Collection include specially formulated products to explore. And, MinkSheen pet shampoo is the newest innovation, made for gentle and soothing pet care.

Valuable product

It is the case that Touch of Mink is more expensive than some other brands. When deciding on ingredients for our customers, it is not a question of what is most affordable; it is a question of what is the best. Mink oil is derived in small quantities and must go through a steam distillation process to avoid the use of any chemicals. The desire to create a very high quality and effective product is essential for us. All products are concentrated for effectiveness and great value.

Customer trust is built over time

Concerns about aging are important. Hence, once a customer finds Touch of Mink, the hunt for products that really work is complete. Fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, redness, pigmentation, and the desire for healthy skin and hair need real solutions. Fortunately, that is what Touch of Mink offers, deeply moisturizing skin and hair care. Moreover, younger customers also want to have the best possible skin, too. We offer lighter products and those with sunscreen for active lifestyles.

Nature+technology creates potency

The steam distillation process mentioned above creates the purest mink oil possible. It is so pure, that concentrated mink oil may be applied directly to the skin. This creates a natural moisture barrier, improving hydration that may have been lost due to such factors as smoking, pollution, sun damage or the natural aging process.

What to try before (or after) Botox, cosmetic surgery or derma-fillers

In essence, noninvasive products such as mink oil are going to provide different results than a visit to a surgeon. By and large, everyone wants to look their best. In a word, Touch of Mink products complement other beauty choices with graceful, long-term healthy skin care.

Customer needs drive product innovation

Touch of Mink is one of the most responsive skin care companies one may ever find. Because the company’s team meets customers face to face frequently, the conversation is always open. For example, when customers wanted a lightweight misting spray oil, it became one of our best-selling products. All in all, ideas come from all corners, and we are always interested in hearing from our customers.

Company History

The Oregon company began in 1969 as a family-owned business founded by John and Rose Simpson. In the early years, employees sold mink oil and lotions at county and state fairs using a hands-on approach. Consequently, this method helped customers discover the benefits of mink oil personally. Touch of Mink then expanded through its hotel product line. Soon hundreds of U.S. hotels carried Touch of Mink soaps, shampoos and lotions as in-room hospitality items for guests.

Today, the tradition is carried on to meet customers face-to-face, attending more than 80 trade shows each year. The company also ships mink oil products worldwide through distributors and online sales. Some customers and employees now count several decades with Touch of Mink.

This website shares the benefits of mink oil skincare based on over 50 years of customer experience. There are many uses of mink oil to explore, from lotions and moisturizers to cleansers and hair care. Lastly, people visiting the Pacific Northwest may learn more at the factory store in Salem, open Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Touch of Mink sign on outside of building with pink flowering bushes
"Mink's touch of success" newspaper article
John and Rosemary Simpson supplied mink oil soap to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas until the hotel discontinued it because they found the customers were stealing it from the maids' carts.

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