Uses for Mink Oil

Mink oil skin care products answer many skin care needs, from seasonally dry skin and scalp to anti-aging moisturizing and night repair. The uses described below derive from the powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids of natural mink oil that restore skin’s natural moisture.

Mink oil skin care

Impart lasting moisture on your skin with our lotions and moisturizers. More than a temporary fix, our products protect as they nourish.

Every Touch of Mink product contains pure mink oil, which has natural properties similar to the rejuvenating qualities of human sebum. Mink oil soothes, softens and moisturizes skin while cleaning and protecting, dissolving dirt and excess oiliness.

Cleansers, scrubs and body washes

Clean your skin without leaving it feeling dry. While cleaning, our cleansers don’t strip your skin of natural moisture that it needs to maintain its healthy glow and elasticity.

Mink oil is the key ingredient in lotions, moisturizers and sun products, cleansing bars, scrubs, body washes, mists, and hand sanitizers created by Touch of Mink. Product descriptions are available in the Touch of Mink online shop for those who would like to read about them in more detail.

Hair care & cosmetics

Luxuriously soft and silky hair is just a wash away.

Touch of Mink’s 2N1, a shampoo-conditioner with Baobab and Silk Protein, live up to the name, giving hair amazing silkiness. Mink oil in shampoo is very good for the scalp. Dry scalp, which is different from dandruff, causes uncomfortable itching that mink oil-based shampoo helps to address.

Our Lemon and Mango Lip Savers with SPF 15 are the only cosmetics products introduced by Touch of Mink thus far. Cosmetics containing the ingredient are more common in Europe. Mink oil skin care products by Touch of Mink contain high quantities of mink oil for maximum effectiveness and value.

It’s for pets, too!

Mink oil makes their coat shiny, silky, and healthy.

Touch of Mink isn’t just for you! Your pets can also benefit from the gentle, moisturizing qualities of pure mink oil shampoo. Our 4-in-1 MinkSheen pet shampoo combats dry and scaly skin, and soothes bug bites and hot spots.

Groomers and pet owners use this natural oil to soothe animal hot spots and prevent insect bites. It also promotes a healthy coat shine. (Learn more about Touch of Mink’s MinkSheen Pet Shampoo for pet owners.)

More Uses

Harness the superior moisturizing and soothing qualities of mink oil. All natural, organic, paraben-free, and biodegradable. The possibilities are endless and the results are amazing!

Our Mermac line of Mink oil products provide lasting care and hydration, as well as waterproofing for your leather products.

Pure mink oil is prized for leather care, medical products and animal care. To read more about mink oil, please visit the Touch of Mink blog.

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