Fairs & Events

Experience the luxury of Touch of Mink products in person!

Touch of Mink loves meeting new and longtime customers at fairs & events. It is important to connect on a personal level to hear from people and show the products for a firsthand customer experience. Touch of Mink booths will be at each of the events below for in-person demonstrations.

Thinking of trying our products?

Simple Directions*

Made especially for the face, total bathing, shampooing, shaving, use head to toe.

Mink Oil
For the face at night, any extra dry problem areas.

Body Lotion
Use from the neck down.

Face, daytime, with or without make up.

*Highly concentrated. Start with small amounts.

Touch of Mink Mixed Cleansing Bars


Clean your skin without leaving it feeling dry. While cleaning, our cleansers don’t strip your skin of natural moisture that it needs to maintain its healthy glow and elasticity.

Touch of Mink Facial Collection

Mink Oil

Harness the superior moisturizing and soothing qualities of mink oil. All natural, organic, paraben-free, and biodegradable. The possibilities are endless and the results are amazing!

Touch of Mink RehydrEight Moisturizer 16 oz

Lotions & Moisturizers

Impart lasting moisture on your skin with our lotions and moisturizers. More than a temporary fix, our products protect as they nourish.

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