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Transform Your Skin

The two most important things you can do for your skin and face every day: HYDRATE AND PROTECT. Mink Oil with Vitamin E, closely resembles your skin’s natural oils. Every drop penetrates deeply, and keeps skin soft and won’t clog pores.

Image of a woman putting a facial plate to her face and smiling

Cleanse + Oil + Moisturize

Easy to follow skin care regimen: Our products work best using these simple steps

Cleansing Products

Skin care products made with mink oil hold in moisture and replenish skin without causing inflammation or triggering allergies. Our products aid in…

Relieving dry skin and eczema

Clearing up adult and adolescent acne

Improving sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis.

It is a wonderful moisturizer for the face and body.

Benefits of Mink Oil

Mink oil is an all-natural product without synthetic colors and fragrances.

Smoothes Skin

Diminishes age spots

Detangles hair

Helps to relieve itching from eczema and psoriasis

Uses for Mink Oil

Mink oil in lotion, shampoo, and oil form…
Relieving dry skin and eczema

Soothes seasonally dry skin and scalp

Moisturizes for anti-aging benefits and aids in night repair of skin

Protects and moisturizes leather products

Aids in the protection and sealing of thinly-skinned areas of the lips and nose.

Seals in and moisturizes hair in both people and pets.

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Take your dog’s bath time to the next level with

MinkSheen Dog Shampoo

Your dog deserves great skin too! made with gentle cleansers and a blend. of essential oils that work like a cedar bed to relieve dry, itchy skin and leave them smelling fresh.

Proudly Made in the USA

Touch of Mink is an Oregon company that began in 1969 as a family-owned business founded by John and Rose Simpson. Since then, we’ve expanded, now shipping mink oil products worldwide through distributors and online sales. All of our products are made in the USA from our Oregon facility.

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