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MinkSheen Now Available!

A rich lathering and gentle pet shampoo that provides a superior coat shine is now available! It’s safe for puppies and other pets, too. In addition to its high quality skin care product line, Touch of Mink now offers MinkSheen, a pet shampoo made with pure mink oil. This superior protective shampoo is used by professional groomers, breeders, boarders and vets in the U.S. and abroad. It’s popular as the gentle choice to soothe the irritated skin and hot spots of pets.

Quality Shine

Touch of Mink’s pet shampoo is a favorite for dogs and cats, and with horse owners for providing a “show coat” quality shine. It gives a deep down luster that lasts, protecting from sun damage and promoting healthy coat growth. The larger half gallon and gallon sizes are a great way to save when buying for larger animals or grooming businesses.

A Gentle Clean

MinkSheen 4 in 1 Pet Shampoo by Touch of Mink gently cleans without drying or irritating the skin giving pets a silkier coat. It is also a coat glosser enriched with Vitamin E for a beautiful shine.

MinkSheen Products

2oz – MinkSheen Natural Pet Shampoo
16oz – MinkSheen Natural Pet Shampoo
64oz – MinkSheen Natural Pet Shampoo*
1gal (128oz) – MinkSheen Natural Pet Shampoo*
Bad Air Sponge

Key Ingredients

Made with mink oil, Vitamin E oil, and an essential oil blend (that naturally work like a cedar bed). Shake well to mix oils before using.


This product is concentrated for increased value. Therefore, the correct water-to-shampoo mix is eight to one. This means that before use, add one part shampoo with eight parts water. Slightly thicker coats may require a little more of the product and thinner coats, a bit less.

*Coupons are not valid for 64 oz. or 128 oz. products, they are considered bulk items.
Available in 2 oz. recyclable bottle with flip top, 16 oz. recyclable bottle with flip top, 64 oz. recyclable bottle with screw top and 128 oz. recyclable bottle with screw top.

MinkSheen Pet Care Products


Kanine Kit

Original price was: $51.85.Current price is: $37.95.

MinkSheen Dog Shampoo


MinkSheen 3 in 1 Dog Conditioner


What Our Customers Say

Love it! I have 4 Yorkis and their fur (aka hair) is amazing after I use your product. The scent is so nice and lasts a long time! Hope this product is never discontinued.

– Barbara C.

4 in 1 Pet Shampoo: I work with exotic animals and started using this hsampoo o our wallabies almost two yars ago now. The shampoo is amazing. Not only does it moisturize and shine their coat, it also promotes a lovely scent. And more importantly, it helps aid in keeping fleas/ticks off them! Love love love this product. Thank you Touch Of Mink.

– Olivia R.

I love your dog shampoo. My dogs also think it's pretty good stuff. No more itching and they smell great.

– Debbie D.

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