Is your leather sofa starting to look a bit dull? Or has the vinyl in your car begun to crack and peel? Your leather and vinyl items are an important part of your life. Whether it’s your car seats, furniture, or jacket, you want to ensure they stay looking new for as long as possible. Fear not. The new must-have cleaning treatment for leather and vinyl items is here! This simple, easy-to-use treatment will make your furniture and car look new again in no time. Fortunately, there’s a new cleaning treatment that can help. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Mermac heavy duty by Touch of Mink?

Mermac heavy duty by touch of mink is a protectant cream that helps to keep leather looking new. The cream is Formulated with lanolin and other natural oils, and it works to condition and protects leather against cracking and fading. It is a barrier against dirt and moisture, while the oils help keep the leather supple. Applied once or twice a week, Mermac heavy-duty by the touch of mink can help extend the life of any leather item.

What items can be treated with the new cleaning treatment method?

Vinyl, leather and upholstery can all be cleaned and brightened with the new cleaning method. This innovative cleaning solution removes dirt, grime and stains from various surfaces. Vinyl and leather are two materials that are particularly difficult to clean. However, the new cleaning treatment method can easily remove dirt and stains from these surfaces. In addition, the treatment can also help to brighten up faded or dull surfaces. As a result, this cleaning solution is an ideal way to clean vinyl, leather and upholstery. The treatment can be performed on the leather sofa, car seats, and bags. The process works by breaking down the grime and dirt lodged in the leather over time and then gently lifting it away from the surface. As a result, the leather is left clean and refreshed without any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. The treatment is safe for all types of leather and will not damage the finish or leave any residue. 

How does it protect your products?

Mermac Heavy Duty Cream is a multipurpose protectant that helps to extend the life of your leather and vinyl products. The cream forms a barrier against mildew, mold, bacteria, and chemicals, helping keep your products looking new. In addition, the cream provides UV protection, helping to prevent fading and cracking. Apply a thin layer of the cream to clean, dry leather or vinyl, and you’ll enjoy your favorite products for years to come.


Mermac Heavy Duty Cream is the new must-have cleaning treatment for leather and vinyl items. The cream contains UV filters that help to prevent sun damage. Applied once or twice a week, Mermac Heavy Duty Cream can help extend the life of any leather or vinyl item. So don’t wait; order today and be ready for showtime tomorrow!

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