Glowing, healthy and hydrated skin brings to mind inner peace and the natural beauty within. It is lovely to behold and indicates personal health and vibrancy. No wonder we all want it! Wrinkles and fine lines are not the enemy of beauty, but all skin requires gentle self-care, and the best of all oils for this purpose is mink oil.

What does mink oil do?

Moisturizing, softening, firming, improving elasticity, nourishing, regenerating, replenishing, repairing, protecting, clarifying, and soothing – is that too much to ask of one skin care product? No. Mink oil’s naturally rich levels of Omega-7 fatty acids repair skin on a cellular level to accomplish all this and more.    

Every product in Touch of Mink’s skin care line includes mink oil as the key ingredient. Best-sellers such as Day Magic (SPF 15) and Night Magic are perfect for the face and neck. Therapy is an extra rich lotion with mink oil that is ideal for all areas of the face and body, including face, neck, hands and feet. Rehydreight is a triple-powerful, yet light moisturizer for daily use. Mink oil’s potency is what keeps Touch of Mink customers happily returning to this secret weapon against dryness, wrinkles and irritation for more youthful skin.

All types of skin need moisturizing

Natural pure mink oil repairs skin cell walls and holds in moisture to protect this vital organ from damage. Mink oil is a purified, steam-distilled oil that may be used for taking care of mature skin, sensitive skin and skin prone to acne and other inflammatory conditions. The oil is useful for everything from gently removing makeup to hydrating the inflamed skin of eczema sufferers.

Mink oil for acne prone skin.

Clogged pores result from trapped dirt, debris and sebum. Many acne sufferers use mink oil to improve blemishes by helping with natural cellular turnover and the shedding process.

Acne begins below the surface weeks before a pimple erupts. It can take up to several weeks for new healthy skin to reach the surface, so don’t give up too soon. For discoloration, it may take three or more months to see skin heal and improve from the inside out. According to Adam Friedman, an associate professor of dermatology at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, wound healing is a complex process that is different for each person

Mature skin can be dry, oily, or combination – mink oil is perfect

Mature skin is sometimes dry, oily or a combination of both. Mature and very dry skin can lose elasticity because of a lower level of the skin’s own protective oils that aid in healing. Mink oil’s fatty acids work in the same way as the human sebum to protect skin and keep it supple.

On the other hand, some people experience oily mature skin, and adult acne is not uncommon for people age 40+ and even for those over 60. Touch of Mink’s pure mink oil works to heal face and body acne because skin needs the good oil that does not clog pores. Touch of Mink’s pure mink oil, rich in Omega 7 fatty acids, repairs skin cell walls to speed up the skin’s own healing process.

Trying mink oil for the first time

When trying Touch of Mink for the first time, allow a few weeks for the complexion to adjust and heal. Remember that the full skin cycle, from new skin cell to shedding, takes six weeks. With a regular skin care regimen that includes mink oil, a healthy glow comes from long-term consistent daily use.

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