One of the benefits of using Touch of Mink’s glycerin cleansing bar is that it has no synthetic ingredients added to it during the manufacturing process. All soap manufacturers differ, but many add detergent to liquid soap and this is the main difference between the two forms.

Soaps vary quite a bit in terms of ingredients. For example, some are designed to dry skin and other soaps moisturize. Touch of Mink’s glycerin cleansing bar soaps are designed for sensitive skin and contain mink oil, very high in natural Omega 7 that helps skin retain moisture. The unique quality of Touch of Mink’s bar soap is that it helps all types of skin be healthy and moisturized.

Glycerin bar soap is for sensitive skin

Glycerin bars are known to be very gentle for those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, synthetic detergents in liquid soaps can irritate skin problems. Touch of Mink glycerin cleansing bar is gentle enough to use on problem skin, such as eczema or psoriasis. It helps the skin barrier hold in moisture because mink oil provides ongoing skin hydration after cleansing.

Create the foundation for healthy skin

Moisturized skin helps prevent wrinkles, stretch marks and weather trauma to your skin. Touch of Mink’s glycerin cleansing bar is a great soap to clean your whole body and is gentle enough for the face, too. It is a great foundation step before using a Touch of Mink day or night moisturizing cream or the concentrated mink oil.

Washing hands many times per day

Doctors recommend washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time, especially during the winter flu season. This means a lot of soap! But check the label to see if synthetic ingredients are used.

Whereas some soaps dry skin and make it feel tight, Touch of Mink bar soap will not. Using harsh soap on your face and hands causes a breakdown of the skin barrier. Touch of Mink is the ultra gentle alternative for those with sensitive skin.

Liquid soap – more popular, but is it better?

Americans tend to buy both liquid and bar soap at equal rates, with liquid soap growing in popularity in recent years and outpacing sales in terms of dollars

Real soap doesn’t have to be solid. William Sheppard patented liquid soap in August 1865, but not much came of it until the 1980s. For the past few decades, massive marketing campaigns raised demand for liquid soap and the body wash market. This trend continues and now liquid soap is even more popular than bar soap among younger Americans.

However, in 2016, the FDA banned 40 percent of consumer antibacterial hand washes and soaps due to forbidden chemicals. (More information is available in this New York Times article.) Some bar soaps also contained these chemicals.

The moral of the story is, find out what is in the product. Touch of Mink’s cleansing bars are free of chemicals. There are three varieties, sensitive skin aloe, orchard peach mink bar with vitamin E, and the antioxidant cleansing bar with vitamin C.

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About the Product:  Touch of Mink glycerin cleansing bars

  • Mink oil and vitamin E soften and moisturize skin
  • Great for sensitive skin and shaving
  • Perfect for the entire body or face.
  • Free of chemicals

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