MinkSheen Pet Shampoo gently cleans and conditions, remoisturizing animal coats to promote healthy hair growth year round. It’s a favorite for horse and dog groomers.


Animal skin, covered by hair, is very white underneath and needs protection from the elements year-round. MinkSheen will not hurt eyes, has a pH balance similar to that of animals, reduces irritation and hot spots and helps nourishes coats that are dry and brittle from summer weather. Shampooing also prevents infections caused by bacteria that come with dirt and debris, making animals healthier.

How to bathe a larger animal:

In the summer months, pets, livestock and other domestic animals can be bathed outside when the weather warms. Begin by brushing out the loose hair from the coat. Brush the back, stomach and legs, too. Then wet the coat with a hose, getting it entirely wet. Dilute MinkSheen with eight parts water to one part shampoo. Then soap up. Lather with a special scrub brush or with hands. MinkSheen is nontoxic to animals and humans.

Rinse completely with clean water and a soft spray on the face.  Lastly, wring out the water from the coat and then air dry, or use a special blower designed for the animal. Coat conditioning with mink oil is an optional next step.


In fall, as the weather transitions from the summer months to the winter season, the hair coat of animals changes, too. Natural oils such as mink oil feed hair follicles with Omega-7 fatty acids that promote hair growth on a cellular level.

During the fall, most animal coats become heavier to prepare for the coming cold weather. MinkSheen contains a concentrated blend of natural essential oils and mink oil to facilitate growing a lustrous and naturally protective coat.


Winter weather conditions affect animals small and large as much or more than people. As the days grow shorter, colder temperatures combine with increased wind and this creates stress and discomfort for animals.

Winter hair coats insulate from the cold, but wind chill can offset the insulation value of even a very heavy winter coat. A wet or muddy hair coat on an animal increases the cold stress, so it is essential to keep animals clean and dry to be as comfortable as possible.

Livestock: Lambs, goats, horses, cows, and cattle

MinkSheen is formulated for multiple species, and conditioning coat hair and skin helps them stay healthy. Conditioners containing mink oil increase suppleness and sheen, improving the texture and strength of coats for wintertime.


Spring is a time for removing shedding hair as winter coats change to summer. Many pets may not shed on cue because artificial heat and lights can confuse their circadian rhythm. Seasonal shedding, whether rapid or gradual requires some patience with grooming, brushing and bathing.

Brushing helps removed the dead hair of the undercoat, which an undercoat rake will help with. Dogs can be bathed up to once per week using a gentle pet shampoo such as MinkSheen. It’s important never to use human products or laundry detergents on pets or other animals because the chemicals can irritate their skin. Only use products made for animals and developed to be gentle enough for their skin. Always rinse thoroughly.

Keeping show animals bright and clean is a challenge in the spring. Of course, keeping the bedding hygienic is important to reduce the amount of spring mud and shedding hair. It requires a lot of diligence. Grooming hair in early spring will allow it to grow back to a protective level in time for needed sun protection in the summer.

MinkSheen Pet Shampoo is gentle enough for regular use on all animals, and safe for the people who care for them, too. In all seasons, MinkSheen protects by keeping coats clean and strong for animals large and small.

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