Five Moisturizing Oils to Add to Your Skin Care Regimen~  
All-natural, chemical-free moisturizing skin care products are better for the skin and better for the environment. Using skin care products with animal and plant oils is a good way to skip the chemicals and get products that are safe and effective. Although the wrong kinds of oils can cause breakouts and blemishes, the right kinds of oils can prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keep skin hydrated and soft, and increase skin’s overall health. Here are five oils to consider.
Coconut oil
Many are now familiar with the benefits of cooking with coconut oil, but it is also used to moisturize skin. Coconut oil may be used straight out of the jar to moisturize less sensitive areas like hands, feet and legs (and it makes a great replacement for shaving cream). Look for skin care products that use coconut oil as a primary ingredient.
Here’s another tip: Coconut oil is also used as a mouthwash to whiten teeth and keep the mouth healthy. The trick is to swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes for it to be effective. That’s a long time, but may be as effective as more expensive teeth whitening.
Note that coconut oil is not be the best choice for people with acne-prone skin because it may increase breakouts. Also, some people with tree nut allergies are also allergic to coconut. This is rare, but consult a doctor before using coconut oil if this is the case.
Argan oil
Argan oil comes from the seeds of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. Lately, it is a key ingredient in new haircare and skincare American beauty products, and there’s a good reason. The oil has been used for centuries to moisturize skin, give hair a beautiful shine and strengthen nails. It’s high in vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, which makes it quite beneficial for the skin.
Argan oil is most popular as a hair conditioner; but may also be used on the face and neck to reduce wrinkles and tone skin. It’s also popular to rub it into nail beds and heels. Lastly, it can be mixed into scrubs, moisturizing lotions and custom-made skin care products.
Carrot seed oil
The vitamin A and antioxidants in carrots make them great for eyes, heart, liver, teeth and also terrific for skin. The vitamin A helps skin stay hydrated and can prevent acne, wrinkles and a host of other skin problems. That makes it a great candidate for a new, more natural skin care regimen.
Carrot oil shouldn’t be used directly on the skin, but it can be compounded into skin care products, massage oil and creams. It is also used in the bathtub for a relaxing and healthy soak. Grated carrots make great face masks, too. However, avoid carrot oil if pregnant.
Fish oil
Fish oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D and two types of omega-3 fatty acids, which bolster the skin’s barrier function. The oil replenishes skin, making it look fresh and healthy.
Fish oil tablets are nutrition supplements, and there are also skin care products that use various fish oils as a main ingredient. Cod liver fish oil capsules can also be opened and applied to the skin, though there may be a lingering odor of the sea for a few minutes.
Mink oil
The chemical composition of mink oil is exceptionally good for moisturizing skin. It holds in moisture, which cuts down on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It protects and restores hydration making it beneficial for people with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Many of the Touch of Mink products, such as pure mink oil,  are fragrance free, and all of them are gentle on skin. Mink oil feels great, too. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling moisturized, but not greasy.
Touch of Mink sells a range of moisturizing products that are perfect for a daily skin care regimen, including moisturizers, cleansers, lotions, even shampoo and conditioner. Customers report it is great on stretch marks and scars and works for acne, too.


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