Bad Air Sponge

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The Original All Purpose Bad Air Sponge!

Bad Air Sponge

The Bad Air Sponge odor neutralant is an exclusive “Deghost” formula, based on a unique patented formula used in industry since 1953. Great for bathrooms, closets, basements, kitchens, cars boats and garages where odd odors linger. This miracle product neutralizes tough mildew, smoke, wet carpet, and pet odors! Like all our products, this is proudly “Made in the USA.”

The Bad Air Sponge will:

  • Absorb surface odors
  • Capture airborne odors
  • Draw out odors from curtains, walls furniture, carpets, etc.

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  • Remove lid and place in affected area
  • For heavy odors, remove product onto its lid
  • For better efficiency, place product in air str moving toward the problem area
  • Product coverage is approximately 14 oz. per 400 sq. ft. area
  • Trace fragrance will fade as the product continues to neutralize odors
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Keep away from open flames
  • Product may freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and melt at 125 degrees Fahrenheit as it continues to work.
  • Lasts a minimum of 45 days
  • Safe for the environment and the people who use it

Available Sizes

  • 14 oz. container

2 reviews for Bad Air Sponge

  1. Poni Scofield

    Does the job, and does not have a heavy chemical smell. I like it!

  2. Chris Doolittle

    My basement is odor free! I can’t believe the results.

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