Body Stone Natural Exfoliator


Natural Exfoliating Body Stone

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Reveal your softest skin with our new and improved all Natural Arizona Body Stone Exfoliator. This natural Arizona stone exfoliates your skin better than pumice, revealing youthful, energized skin that’s smooth and soft to the touch. Works like a charm with our gentle cleanser, Softouch, or with our famous Moisturizing Transparent Cleansing Bars. By removing the dead skin it allows the mink oil to penetrate deeper, leaving the new skin hydrated and moisturized. Each stone is unique and colors range from desert pink to a golden beach color. They may look different, but they all work the same. Sorry, no exchanges.

2 reviews for Body Stone Natural Exfoliator

  1. Latatyonna Charles

    Let me tell y’all. This body stone is amazing it gets all of the dead skin off of my body without being as harsh as a pumice stone. Skin feels amazing when I used this stone. Worth every penny of the $20!

  2. Dona Malek

    I have had my stone for at least 13 years. Recently took it with me on a trip and left it behind in a hotel. Home one day and am replacing it. It is the best! Leaves my skin so soft without feeling over-exfoliated or damaged. Worth every cent!

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