MinkSheen 3 in 1 Pet Conditioner


Minksheen 3 in 1 Pet Conditioner with SPF15

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Give your pet the luxurious treatment they deserve with Touch of Mink’s Minksheen Pet Conditioner. Our Pet Conditioner will leave both the fur and skin moisturized, allowing your pet to look and feel better than ever! Thanks to the natural odor control, they may even smell better than ever too.

We are proud to offer products exclusively for pet owners! We understand that pets need care too. Your pets deserve to have smooth and healthy fur from natural oils.

About the Product:

  1. Has added SPF15 to help protect from the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. Natural coat conditioners, including mink oil, that keep your dogs coat and skin moisturized.
  3. Natural odor control

Application Details:

  • Apply a small even spray all over coat.
  • Gently work in with fingers.
  • Reapply after water activities.

Product Details:

  • Available sizes include:
    • 6 oz
  • Push button on side of sprayer to lock and unlock.
  • Show our Earth some love – all of our bottles are recyclable.

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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 in


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