Body Mist Moisturizing Spray

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Body Mist with Mink Oil for after Shower Silky Smooth Skin

Body Mist Moisturizing Spray

Wanting to feel fresh and moisturized all day long? Look no further than our Body Mist Moisturizing Body Spray! Our formula of herbal and natural ingredients is just what you need to seal in moisture after bathing, sun exposure, or when you need a refresh. One spritz is all it takes to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth for hours to come.

Our Body Mist Moisturizing Body Spray works best when followed by applying your favorite Touch of Mink lotion.

About the Product

  • Blend of natural and herbal ingredients including mink oil and sesame oil
  • Penetrates deeps, helping to seal in moisture, leaving your body soft all day
  • Perfect for after-bath, after-shower, after-sun, or everyday use
  • Essential fatty acids help nourish skin

Application Details

  • Use while skin is still damp
  • Spray and massage evenly over your body
  • Apply neck down for best results
  • Use in tandem with our lotions and cleansers
  • Best applied after showering or bathing
  • Add a small amount to bath water to make a luxurious, moisturizing bath

Available Sizes

  • 8 fl oz bottle
  • Show our Earth some love – all of our bottles are recyclable


Isopropyl Myristate, Sesame Oil, Mink Oil, Vitamin E, Propyl Paraben, Extracts of: Sage, Chamomile, Marshmallow, Balm Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, and Nettle

6 reviews for Body Mist Moisturizing Spray

  1. apa_gal

    I bought this specifically to condition synthetic hair. You cannot condition this type of hair. Not too heavy. Makes the hair color shine and vibrant. Love it!! I spray lightly and 8 inches away. 3 sprays. But totally love this product!

  2. ishahfehon

    Another superior product created by Touch of Mink! I spray my whole body after my shower and it feels incredible. Sometimes I follow with moisturizer but often I skip it as this product works so well. Easy, quick and efficient. Love it! My son will even sometimes spray in his hair instead of conditioner. Absolutely a must have! Thank you

  3. Fiendra Fields

    great product I love this oil it makes my body feel more moisturized and vibrant, I like to spray on my feet 🙂

  4. Chris Miller

    I have been using this product for some time. I spray the oil all over my body after a shower, then put on my Victoria Secret body lotion. My skin is well hydrated & soft. This is an excellent product!!

  5. Amy Roberts

    I use this spray to shave my legs, and it leaves them smooth and hydrated.

  6. Suzie Q

    BEST BATH OIL EVER! I have been using this product for decades, and find it superior to ALL other products (including very high priced ‘professional’ products). It’s fragrance-free and perfect for super sensitive problem skin. And babies! Be sure to spray on wet skin, massage in before toweling dry, or add a little to bathwater for a hydrating bath experience.

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