One of the wonders of mink oil is that it is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Because it is 100 percent natural, it blends perfectly with many types of skin care products used daily. Here are seven ways it can be used:
1. Mink oil, a daily natural skin moisturizer.

Skin loses its natural oil during daily activities. Especially as skin produces less oil with age, it’s important to protect skin through healthy hydration. Using mink oil is a fantastic natural way to restore the body’s oils. Mink oil contains about 17 percent palmitoleic acid, which is an Omega 7 essential fatty acid present in all human tissues. Mink oil lotions such as Touch of Mink’s Therapy Lotion and Extreme XD Lotion bring skin back to its healthy glow naturally.

2. One of the best natural remedies for wrinkles.

According to the Mayo Clinic, moisturizing is an important part of wrinkle prevention. Lack of skin hydration causes dry skin to shrivel plump skin cells. The sun, pollutants, age and genetics all play a part in causing wrinkles. Mink oil face creams revitalize natural moisture without the use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. What also makes mink oil a fantastic natural oil for face wrinkles is that it can repair skin over time. When applied daily, Day Magic and Night Magic Rejuvenating Face Cream prevent wrinkles and rebuild skin.

3. Mink oil for cracked feet.

Feet often get the most wear and tear, so shouldn’t they get the most care? Not only can cracked and dried out feet be unsightly, but they can also become painful. Products such as Touch of Mink’s Peppermint Foot Lotion provide extra-strength rejuvenation to tired feet, along with odor-neutralizing without the unnecessary chemicals.

4. Sunscreen with mink oil doubles as a moisturizer.

Using a sunscreen with mink oil conquers the dilemma of whether to moisturize or use sun block, and in what order. Touch of Mink’s Advanced Moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 hydrates and protects skin all-in-one. For all climates and seasons, sunscreen is an essential step to add to one’s daily routine. For more rigorous activity, check out Touch of Mink’s quick-drying and sweat-resistant Sun & Sport Water Resistant Broad Spectrum Sunscreen.

5. A natural lip moisturizer.

Lips need love too! In fact, lip skin is one of thinnest layers of skin. That’s what makes lips especially prone to dryness and damage. Lip moisturizer with mink oil offers extended protection with added natural moisture. Lip Saver Balm Conditioner, which also contains SPF 15, gives protection to guard lips against the damaging effects of the sun.

6. Revitalize locks and scalp with mink oil shampoo and conditioner.

Most shampoos tend to dry out hair with abrasive cleansers, making it necessary to rely on conditioners to repair with even more chemicals. Even everyday brushing can dry out hair. Mink oil breaks this dryness cycle with 100 percent natural hydration.

Touch of Mink shampoo is well-loved for the incredible shine it brings to all hair types. Unlike shampoos made by cosmetic chemical companies, Touch of Mink hair products replenish the oils in hair and scalp. Be sure to check out both Touch of Mink’s Silk Shampoo and 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo.

7. Mink oil waterless hand sanitizer on-the-go.

Hand sanitizer is an essential part of the daily toolkit for more and more people, but regular use of hand sanitizers dries out skin. Touch of Mink’s waterless hand sanitizer provides all the germ-fighting power while also replenishing hands’ natural oils. With an all-in-one hand sanitizer, there’s no need to carry an extra tube of lotion around just to keep skin hydrated.

Adding mink oil to a simple daily beauty routine begins with Touch of Mink. Please check back often for sales and upcoming events!


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