A Silky-Soft Skin Makeover

Original price was: $69.85.Current price is: $54.95.

Cleanse, Replenish, Moisturize with this Gift Kit

Pick up a deal for yourself or ... even better... offer your BFF the secret to your great skin. Give a Silky-Soft Skin Touch of Mink makeover to someone you love!

Almost $64.00 retail in products for only $49.95!

Cleanse - One (1) Softouch Gentle Cleanser, 16 oz.
Replenish - One (1)  Moisturizing Body Mist, 8 oz.
Moisturize - One (1) Therapy Lotion for Hand & Body, 8 oz.

1 review for A Silky-Soft Skin Makeover

  1. Joyce Hunt

    I just bought it! Can’t wait to use it!

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