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Minksheen 4 in 1 Pet Shampoo, Gentle, Concentrated

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We are proud to offer products exclusively for pet owners! We understand that pets need care too. Your pets deserve to have smooth and healthy fur from natural oils. That’s why we created a one-of-a-kind mink oil dog shampoo for your pet. Coupled with our amazing odor neutralizer, it will make bath time a pleasant experience for you and your furry friends!

About the Product:

Four reasons to buy Minksheen Pet Shampoo:

  1. Gentle cleansing shampoo that doesn’t irritate the skin or create hot spots
  2. Natural coat conditioners, including mink oil, that give our shampoo a sought after mink oil sheen that other shampoos lack
  3. Natural odor control that lasts longer than other shampoos
  4. Works like a cedar bed, and helps soothe irritated skin.


Application Details:

  • This is a concentrate - shampoo needs to be diluted with water (8 parts water to 1 part shampoo)
  • Apply liberally and massage into pet’s fur
  • Rinse with warm water


Product Details:

  • Available sizes include:
    • 2 oz
    • 16 oz
    • 64 oz
    • 1 gal
  • Show our Earth some love - all of our bottles are recyclable.

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1 gal, 16 oz, 2 oz, 64 oz

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